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Tetey Lodge

Orosi's Colonial Church and Religious Craft Museum

The Orosi Church holds tremendous cultural importance for our country. It was built in the 18th century by the Franciscans Padres, and it is a symbol of the colonial time in Costa Rica. In addition, it is the oldest standing church in Costa Rica.

The Southeast side of the temple is constructed in an "L" shape that served as a convent and is a museum today. The thick adobe walls and the simplicity of the architectural line give to the temple a humble and comfortable aspect.

Tapantí National Park

With a rich variety of flora and fauna, Tapanti is one of the rainiest areas of the country, with an annual precipitation of 6.500 mm. It contains 45 species of mammals, 260 species of birds and 28 species of reptiles, among others.

Lake and Cachí Dam

A hydroelectric dam with a beautiful landscape and restaurants to visit.

Lankester Botanical Garden

With 11 hectares, the garden presents more than 3.000 species of exhibition plants in a regenerated premontano tropical forest. It has existed for more than 30 years.

Irazú Volcano National Park

Located 31 Km from Cartago, the Irazú Volcano contains a natural park at it´s peak, where one can walk right up to the crater. It sits more than 3.000 m above sea level in the Paramo forest.

Cristina Coffee Farm

Costa Rican farm owned and operated by the Carman family. Producing coffee for over 20 years. They know that a healthy Earth will produce an excellent cup of coffee and they practice alternative agricultural methods based upon sound scientific principles and plant nutrition.